2020 PBA League

The Phoenix Fury and Miami Waves are representing the PWBA in the 2020 edition of the PBA League, taking place at Bowlero Centreville in Centreville, Virginia. The 12-team competition began Saturday, Sept. 26 with qualifying and concluded Wednesday, Sept. 30. Be sure to visit this page for more information on the teams, results, news, schedule and format.


 Shannon O'Keefe  Danielle McEwan
 Liz Johnson  Dasha Kovalova
 Jordan Richard  Clara Guerrero
 Stefanie Johnson  Liz Kuhlkin
 Maria José Rodriguez  Missy Parkin
 Managed by: Kim Kearney  Managed by: Bob Learn Jr.

The tournament features two divisions - Anthony and Carter. The Miami Waves are competing in the Anthony Division, and the Phoenix Fury are in the Carter Division. The teams are made up of athletes who competed on the PWBA Tour during the 2019 season, finished in the top 35 on the season-long points list and were selected during a formal draft.


Anthony Division
Qualifying Round
1. Motown Muscle - 3,326
2. Portland Lumberjacks - 3,247
3. L.A. X - 3,084
4. Brew City Ballers - 2,912
5. Miami Waves - 2,886
6. NYC KingPins - 2,720

Carter Division
Qualifying Round
1. Philadelphia Hitmen - 3,200
2. Dallas Strikers - 3,050
3. Silver Lake Atom Splitters - 3,034
4. Las Vegas High Rollers - 3,000
5. Brooklyn Styles - 2,915
6. Phoenix Fury - 2,905

Match-Play Divisional Quarterfinals
Anthony Division
L.A. X def. NYC KingPins, 2-0 (246-224, 277-237)
Brew City Ballers def. Miami Waves, 2-1 (234-182, 219-234, Ballers advance in roll-off, 10-6)

Carter Division
Phoenix Fury def. Silver Lake Atom Splitters, 2-1 (243-214, 212-216, Fury advance in roll-off, 10-10, 10-9)
Las Vegas High Rollers def. Brooklyn Styles, 2-0 (243-214, 267-248)

Match-Play Divisional Semifinals
Anthony Division
Portland Lumberjacks def. L.A. X, 2-0 (227-174, 206-193)
Brew City Ballers def. Motown Muscle, 2-1 (230-269, 235-227, Ballers advance in roll-off, 10-9)

Carter Division
Dallas Strikers def. Phoenix Fury, 2-0 (267-188, 258-239)
Las Vegas High Rollers def. Philadelphia Hitmen, 2-0 (218-190, 248-182)

Match-Play Divisional Finals
Anthony Division
Portland Lumberjacks def. Brew City Ballers, 2-0 (247-246, 233-192)

Carter Division
Las Vegas High Rollers def. Dallas Strikers, 2-1 (224-196, 217-225, High Rollers advance in roll-off, 10-10, 10-9)

Elias Cup Finals
Portland Lumberjacks def. Las Vegas High Rollers, 3-2 (197-252, 278-218, 235-210, 220-235, 257-197)

9/28/20 - Phoenix Fury falls short in semifinals, eliminated from 2020 PBA League
9/27/20 - Fury advance, Waves eliminated at 2020 PBA League
9/26/20 - Waves, Fury headed to quarterfinals at 2020 PBA League
9/25/20 - Parkin physically and mentally prepared for 2020 PBA League
9/24/20 - Kuhlkin ready to bring intensity to Waves in PBA League
9/23/20 - Guerrero anxious, but excited for upcoming 2020 PBA League
9/22/20 - Kovalova sees Waves coming together for 2020 PBA League
9/21/20 - McEwan misses traveling, headed to 2020 PBA League in Virginia
9/18/20 - Rodriguez recharged for appearance at PBA League
9/17/20 - Stefanie Johnson at home in team environment
9/16/20 - Richard, new equipment ready for PBA League
9/15/20 - Liz Johnson ready for return to PBA League
9/14/20 - O'Keefe in right state of mind to help Fury at PBA League
7/7/20 - PWBA teams determined for 2020 PBA League
7/6/20 - PWBA teams to take part in 2020 PBA League

(all times Eastern)

Saturday, Sept. 26 (watch on FloBowling)
10 a.m. – Anthony Division qualifying (Waves)
2 p.m. – Carter Division qualifying (Fury)

Sunday, Sept. 27 (watch on FS1)
Noon – Anthony Division quarterfinals
- L.A. X vs. NYC KingPins
- Brew City Ballers vs. Miami Waves

7 p.m. – Carter Division quarterfinals
- Silver Lake Atom Splitters vs. Phoenix Fury
- Las Vegas High Rollers vs. Brooklyn Styles

Monday, Sept. 28 (watch on FS1)
7 p.m. – Anthony Division semifinals
- L.A. X vs. Portland Lumberjacks
- Brew City Ballers vs. Motown Muscle

9 p.m. – Carter Division semifinals
- Phoenix Fury vs. Dallas Strikers
- Las Vegas High Rollers vs. Philadelphia Hitmen

Tuesday, Sept. 29 (watch on FS1)
7 p.m. – Anthony and Carter Division finals
- Portland Lumberjacks vs. Brew City Ballers
- Dallas Strikers vs. Las Vegas High Rollers

Wednesday, Sept. 30 (watch on FS1)
7 p.m. – 2020 PBA League finals
- Portland Lumberjacks vs. Las Vegas High Rollers

Qualifying will include 12 Baker games across six pairs, with one team per pair in each division. In addition to total pinfall, teams will receive bonus pins based on the rank of its team score each game. The team with the highest score for each game will receive 50 bonus pins. The second-highest score will receive 40 pins, third will get 30, fourth will get 20, fifth will get 10 and the team with the lowest total each game will not receive any bonus pins. The top two teams in total pinfall, including bonus pins, in each division will receive a first-round bye and advance to the semifinals. The other four teams in each division will be seeded based on total pinfall, including bonus pins, and head to match play.

Match play begins with the quarterfinals in each division. The No. 3 seed will bowl the No. 6 seed, and the No. 4 seed will take on the No. 5 seed. Teams will be competing in a best-of-three points Baker match. The first team to accumulate two points will advance to the semifinals, with the other team being eliminated from the competition. If a match is tied 1-1 after two games, the winner will be determined by a one-ball roll-off.

The semifinals and division finals will be contested using the same best-of-three points Baker format. The No. 1 seed from each division will bowl the winner of the No. 4 and No. 5 match, and the No. 2 seed will face the winner of the No. 3/No. 6 match. The winners of those matches will meet in the division finals for the chance to advance to the 2020 PBA League finals.

The championship round between the Anthony and Carter Division champions will be contested in a best-of-five Baker match to determine the winner of the Elias Cup in 2020.
(format information provided by FloBowling)


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