Shannon Pluhowsky
Shannon Pluhowsky    
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Home Center:Capri Lanes
Joined: 2015
Country: USA
Sponsors: Hammer, Turbo, Kameleon Sportswear
Birthdate: August 8

PWBA major titles

Major (1):
2006 USBC Queens, Reno, Nev.;

Non-PWBA titles
2014 BPAA Women’s All-Star, Rockford, Ill.

Other professional titles
- 2009 PBA Women's Series Chameleon Championship champion
- 2009 PBA Women's Series Scorpion Championship champion
- 2007 PBA Women's Series Etonic Championship champion

Team USA/Junior Team USA

Years on Team USA (20): 2001-20
Years on Junior Team USA (4): 2000-03

- One gold medal (trios), one silver medal (team) and and three bronze medals (singles, doubles, all-events) at 2018 PABCON Women's Championships
- Bronze medal at 2016 World Bowling Singles Championships
- Two gold medals (trios, Masters) and one silver medal (team) at 2016 PABCON Women's Championships
- One gold medal (doubles), one silver medal (singles) and one bronze medal (Masters) at the 2016 PABCON Champion of Champions
- One gold medal (team) and one bronze medal (trios) at 2015 World Bowling Women's Championships
- Runner-up at 2015 QubicaAMF World Cup
- One gold medal (singles) and one silver medal (doubles) at 2015 Pan American Games
- One gold medal (team) and one silver medal (doubles) at 2014 PABCON Championships
- One silver medal (team) at 2013 WTBA World Championships
- Four gold medals (doubles, trios, team, Masters) and one bronze medal (all-events) at 2011 World Championships
- Two gold medals (doubles, team) and one bronze medal (trios) at 2010 PABCON Championships
- Two gold medals (trios, team) and one bronze medal (all-events) at 2009 PABCON Championships
- Silver medal (team) at 2007 WTBA World Championships
- Silver (team) and bronze (doubles) medals at 2005 WTBA World Championships
- Gold medal (team) at 2005 American Zone Championships
- 2002 and 2004 AMF World Cup champion
- Silver medal at 2004 World Tenpin Team Cup
- Runner-up at 2003 AMF World Cup
- Gold (singles) and silver (doubles) medals at 2003 Pan American Games
- Bronze medal at 2003 World Tenpin Team Cup
- Gold (Masters), silver (team) and bronze (singles) medals at 2002 World Youth Championships
- Three gold medals (Masters, team, doubles) and two silver (singles, all-events) at 2002 American Zone Youth Championships
- Six gold medals (junior singles, junior doubles, junior mixed doubles, junior team, junior all-events, national all-events) at 2001 Tournament of the Americas


- Bowled collegiately at Nebraska
- Inducted into the World Bowling Writers Hall of Fame in 2012
- 2011 World Bowling Writers Bowler of the Year
- 2011 and 2015 Team USA Trials champion
- Three-time USBC Women's Championships titlist (2007 Classic Team, 2011 Scratch Singles, 2015 Diamond Team)
- 2009 and 2010 Dayton (Ohio) Women’s Bowler of the Year
- Four-time Bowlers Journal International All-American
- 2010 Ohio Women’s State Tournament all-events champion
- 2000-01 and 2004-05 Collegiate Player of the Year
- 2000-01, 2001-02 and 2004-05 Collegiate All-America first team
- Member of 2004 and 2005 NCAA women’s national champions (Nebraska)
- 2001, 2003 and 2004 U.S. Amateur champion
- 2004 Bowlers Journal International Female Player of the Year
- 2004 Collegiate Singles Championships women’s national champion
- 2004 USOC Athlete of the Year for Bowling
- 2001, 2002 and 2004 Bowling Writers Association of America Amateur of the Year
- 2002 and 2004 World Bowling Writers Female Player of the Year
- 2002 and 2004 Bowlers Journal International Amateur of the Year
- 1999, 2000 and 2001 USBC Junior Gold Championships winner
- Member of 2001 Intercollegiate Bowling Championships women’s national champion (Nebraska)