Sydney  Brummett
Sydney Brummett    
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Home Center:May City Bowl
Joined: 2018
Country: USA
Sponsors: Hammer, VISE, Apparel EFX
Birthdate: Jan. 30, 1996

National Team Accolades (United States)
Years on Team USA (5): 2017-2021
Years on Junior Team USA (3): 2015-2017 

- Two gold medals (trios, team) at 2021 PANAM Bowling Elite Championships
- Three silver medals (doubles, trios, team) at 2018 PABCON Women's Championships
- One gold medal (trios), three silver medals (singles, doubles, Masters) and one bronze medal (team) at 2017 PABCON Youth Championships
- Six gold medals (singles, doubles, mixed doubles, team, all-events, national all-events) at 2016 Tournament of the Americas
- One gold medal (Masters) and two silver medals (trios, team) at 2015 PABCON Youth Championships 

Other Accomplishments/Awards/Notes
- Runner-up at 2020 USBC Team USA Trials
- Sixth-place finish at 2018 USBC Queens
- 2017 Intercollegiate Singles Championships winner (Wichita State)
- 2015-2016, 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 NCBCA first-team All-American (Wichita State)
- 2016-2017 NCBCA Most Valuable Player (Wichita State)
- Third-place finish at 2015 and 2016 Junior Gold Championships
- 2014-2015 NCBCA second-team All-American (Wichita State)
- 2014-2015 NCBCA Rookie of the Year (Wichita State)
- 2010 Dexter High School All-American
- Three-time Indiana Female Bowler of the Year
- Two-time Dan Ottman Memorial Scholarship recipient
- Two-time JTBA Player of the Year
- Indiana High School state champion
- Two-time Indiana High School Player of the Year