PWBA Event Format

Standard events on the PWBA Tour feature 12 games of qualifying before the field is cut to the cashers (based on number of participants at each event). After six additional games, another cut will be made to the top 12, who will bowl six more games.

The top four players after 24 games advance to the stepladder finals and compete for the title.

Three Classic Series events have been added to the PWBA Tour schedule in 2021, featuring a three national events and one regional competition during each series.

The first two national tournaments in each Classic Series event will be open to the entire field of entrants, while the third event will use the qualifying totals from the first two tournaments to determine which players will compete in the final tournament.

The format for the first two national tournaments in each Classic Series event will consist of a nine-game qualifying block, with the top 12 advancing to bowl two six-game rounds of round-robin match play. After the conclusion of match play, the top four bowlers will advance to the stepladder finals.

The final national tournament in each Classic Series event will welcome the top 24 competitors based on the combined qualifying totals (18 games) from the first two events. The 24 advancers will bowl three eight-game rounds of round-robin match play to determine the top five for the stepladder finals (total pins from the 18 games of qualifying will not carryover to this event).