PWBA Tour Championship

The PWBA Tour Championship is the final tournament of the PWBA Tour season. The invitation-only event brings together the top 16 players from the season.

PWBA members can qualify for the Tour Championship by either winning a title during the season or earning enough competition points. All PWBA Tour champions (who are PWBA members at the time of their victory) receive an automatic invitation to the Tour Championship, and the remainder of the field is filled out through the PWBA points list.

The top two players on the points list automatically are seeded into the televised final. The players in third and fourth receive a one-round bye, and the rest of the field is seeded based on their position in the PWBA points list. Competitors face off in a best-of-five bracket to determine who joins the top two seeds on the televised final. The finals consist of three one-game elimination matches.

For more information on the PWBA Tour Championship, visit the PWBA Tour schedule page.